Stream 3

The Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation grants are awarded annually for research studies and projects conducted in Australasia which contribute to the knowledge base of dance movement therapy (DMT) and advance understandings of dance as a healing art through Dance for Wellbeing (DW) and Therapeutic Dance (TD).  

Eligible HEMF Grant applicants include individuals living in Australia, NZ and PNG, plus professional members in nearby countries with research projects that are beneficial to the wider community.

Stream 3: DMT Projects Contributing To The Knowledge Base Of DMT, TD, Or DW

Qualification: Associate Member DTAA or equivalent

Topic: Projects, not captured in Streams 1 & 2, e.g., creation of educational support material, mentoring support for peer review journal writing.

Funds Allocation:

up to $4000 –project (e.g., film crew, software creation, mentor)

up to $1000 – project supervision