The Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation

The Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation (HEMF) was founded in 2001 owing to the vision of Hanny’s late husband, Bob, and the generosity and interest of their sons, Ron and Jess Exiner.

Initially, HEMF was a part of the Dance Therapy Association of Australasia structure, and then became an independent Incorporated Association in 2021. HEMF is a Not For Profit organisation.

Coming Soon Events – Grants Open November 15th.

The Purpose of the Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation are:

  • Foster research and quality of practice in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in order to improve the health and wellbeing of the wider community.
  • Promote and support DMT research in Australasia through the provision of grants and other resources, for a wide range of research studies.
  • Support the growth of the DMT profession through working to increase its knowledge base and encourage evidence-based practice.
  • Nurture the development of research capacity in the DMT, Dance for Wellbeing (DW) and Therapeutic Dance (DT) community, through grants, awards and educational resources.
  • Raise awareness in the community of the value and uniqueness of dance as a therapeutic modality by disseminating research results via publications and other media.


Funding Research, Pilot studies and Projects which contribute to the knowledge base of DMT, TD and/or DW.

In recognition of great contributions to DMT, the HEMF Award is presented at the DTAA Annual General Meeting.

Experiential & educational events focused on the development of research capacity in DMT.

Foster the love of research by supporting our grant recipients in their work.


Dancer - Performer - Choreographer

Pioneer of Creative Expressive Dance in Australia

Passionate Teacher - Dance Education - Dance Therapy

Driving Force for DMT Profession in Australia